Last weekend we shot the first scene (not necessarily the first chronologically) for a new short we’re calling “TET“. I’ve stared using acronyms of tentative titles as a way to abstract away any inferences that might be made by using the work-in-progress title, which is really just a placeholder until we come up with a “good” name.

In any event, we went into the day planning on shooting the entire film (as we usually do with shorts) and after a couple of hours we broke for lunch. For various reasons we decided to call it a day (we did manage to get an additional exterior shot before heading out).

For awhile (really, since we shot The Mark) I’ve been noodling over the idea of limiting a shoot to one scene per day. It’s very satisfying to get everything done in one contiguous chunk of time, and at the moment for us that means getting everything shot in a day or two, but after The Mark I really felt the disadvantages of this were beginning to outweigh the benefits.

Yesterday’s shoot turned out to be a test that confirmed this theory.

Going forward I’m going to try and apply a schedule where we shoot one scene for the first part of each day, take a break, relieve the cast and crew and then spend the remainder of the day reviewing and logging the dailies. This way we make use of the time without burning everyone out and ending up with forced results and frustrated company.

We’ll see how this works, and make adjustments where necessary.