Day two of the tea experiment Thursday, Apr 2 2009 

Yesterday went better than expected, in fact during the day it was a piece of cake (other than remembering the plan).

I went out for dinner with my in-laws and almost ordered a Mountain Dew out of reflex, but remembered at the last minute because, in a bizarre coincidence, my sister-in-law mentioned something about yesterday’s post.

I did notice getting sleepy earlier last night (around 11:30pm) although that could be attributed to my unusually (even for me) small amount of sleep I’ve been getting the last few days trying to work a couple of apps through the App Store.

This morning on the other hand was another story.

Most days, (and especially days that I stop for fuel) I find an excuse to pick up a Monster on the way to work in the morning.  Drinking this during my ~45 minute morning commute, I’m ready to go by the time I get to the office.  This morning, with nothing in my system but a bowl of fruit-flavored cheerios, I was nodding by the time I hit the 20 mile mark.

Arriving at the office, I shook off the idea of taking “just a five minute nap” before I headed in.  Once inside, I quickly prepared my first cup of “Twinings Price of Wales” and watched my iPhone count down the 12 minute steep time (so far that’s working best for me).

Now it’s almost an hour later, and I’m feeling about the same as I would with my usual routine.  I’m considering adding 100-200mg of ginseng to my morning cup (or two), just to see what happens.

I have a lot of work to do tonight, so I’m going to try adding another cup after dinner to see if I can stave off that 11:00pm slump, we’ll see what happens.


April Wednesday, Apr 1 2009 

In this month’s experiment, I’m making tea my primary source of caffeine.

No coffee, no Slurm and little caffeinated soda*.

Some of you know that I’ve had a recent interest in tea, primarily because it is much easier for me to grow myself than coffee.  I never liked tea much, so I went on a quest to find something I could stand.  I settled on black, over-steeped English breakfast tea, so that will be my beverage of choice for the rest of the month.  I’ll check in occasionally with updates on my progress.

  • I’ll avoid drinking soda deliberately, but if there’s no reasonable alternative, such as at a restaurant, I’m not going to go across the street for something to drink.

A good experiment demands proper equiptment Friday, Nov 21 2008 

After last week’s experience I’m planning on picking up some proper equipment before I try too many more experiments.


Pontarlier Glass with Cuts

Pontarlier Glass with Cuts


I’m particularly fond of the reservoir-style glasses.  I don’t have a favorite spoon style yet other than I’m drawn to the more “classic” designs at the moment.  I don’t know enough to determine the advantages or disadvantages of each style.


Absinthe Spoon #6

Absinthe Spoon #6


I think I’ll start with four glasses (as I’m no George Thorogood) and a single spoon, but I could see this renewing my interest in shiny objects.


(images taken from, currently my favorite online Absinthe outfitter)

Finally Monday, Nov 17 2008 

I had my first dance with The Green Fairy over the weekend. It was amix of the expected and the unexpected.