Gusto is a code editor and FTP client for the iPad.  This is something that I was really hoping for when I first heard of the device and I was very happy to see that someone else saw the value of the iPad as a developer's tool and saved me the trouble of having to write this myself!

Gusto is great, really great considering it is an early version and probably developed for the most part on the simulator.

It's definately worth the current price and is suitable for basic editing, however with some additional features I could see it becoming a seriously useful tool and even replacing my own need for a laptop (as far as coding for websites is concerned).

Here's my suggestions as well as a few bugs I've found in the version I'm using:

* make word wrap optional
* syntax highlighting
* select all in ftp view
* there is a bug that makes the ftp selection indicator dissapear when a selected item scrolls out of view
* an html "documentation viewer". I often reference documentation while I'm coding (jquery, dojo, dom reference, etc) and this is terribly inconvinent on the iPad because it takes so long to switch apps.  It would be nice if you could have a tab or something that was just a web view you could load with the documentation you are referencing and easily switch back-and-forth between the document and your code.
* selective (non-automatic) spell check
* there is a bug in the "start a project" note, the text is cut-off in portrait view
* there is a bug where when I download the index.html from one of my websites it is empty in both the editor and local preview but if I flip to the remote preview the contents of the file show up correctly
* basic javascript debugging (just enabling the built-in web view/safari debugging would be fine)
* downloading and opening an image appears to do nothing (editor nor preview).  Intergration with photogene, etc. would be fantastic but just disabling the open option for files that can't be edited would be acceptable
* original directory structure should be maintained in the local copy even if the directories are not downloaded explicitly.  For example, if I open the ftp view, drill-down to a file and open it and then preview it, the remote preview breaks because it doesn't use the corrected remote path, just the flat local one.  There may be a more disasterous problem here as well, if you were then to upload changes to this file, would it update the correct, nested file on the server or just push this file to the root (I'm afraid to try it and see at the moment)?
* here's a wild one: what about a custom keyboard that makes common web coding characters easier to get to ( for example, ">" takes 3 taps)?
* "publishing" status spinner is obscured by keyboard in landscape mode