We’re trying an experiment with one of our feature films.  Alongside the full-featured, full-priced DVD we’re making available a “Bootleg Edition” of the film which is produced as cheaply as possible (DVD-R, no special features, no fancy packaging, etc.) for about a quarter of the price of the “Standard Edition”. 
In addition to making the discs cheaper however we’ve made one other change to the Bootleg Edition copies:  They come with absolutely no copyright restrictions whatsoever.  Not only do we encourage customers to duplicate the film themselves but we explicitly encourage them to do this for-profit. 
Our hope is that some creative folks will take what we have made and cut it up, part it out and recycle it into something new, and when they do, we want to allow them to distribute it however they see fit, as a new, separate piece of art.
We’ll see what happens and we encourage anyone who takes us up on the offer to share their work with us we can contribute to promoting what they have done.  We’re not exactly sure where this is going to lead but if it turns out interesting, we’re planning to do the same thing with future releases as well.