My predictions for the January 27 event:

Apple will release a touchscreen device approximately the size of a lap slate.  This device will be capable of continuous wireless internet connectivity (wifi, 3G, Bluetooth, etc.) and beyond this will have no input-output capabilities.  It will have a sophisticated charging mechanism that will allow the surface of the case to be completely unbroken (inductive perhaps).
Safari will be the user and application programming interface (API) for the device.  “Apps” will be in the form of Web Apps, also known as Dashboard Widgets and will be built by developers primarily usingDashcode.  Apple will provide a channel for these apps, however developers will not be required to use it should they choose to forgo the benefits of participating in the channel.

Why these predictions?  As I’ve discussed with some of you, I have my reasons.  I’ll share what I can (right or wrong), after the big event.