Lately I’ve been intrigued about the idea of hosting my various websites on my own server again.  Some of you will remember “Skylab”, my first self-hosted public webserver* and ever since it was shut down by Charter I’ve pined to once again have my very own island on the internet to conduct experiments without the interference of pesky administrators, management “systems” and the like.

This time around however I’d like to run the site over something a little more “reliable” than my personal, “non-business-class” internet connection so co-location appears to be the way to go.  I’ve also become interested in admin-ing an OS X server box, which led me to the guys at macminicolo.

I won’t turn this into a discussion on the appropriateness of the Mac Mini as a server (Apple apparently deems it satisfactory).

Of course with co-location comes cost and while macminicolo’s rates are reasonable, it’s a habit I’m not willing to take on all by myself at the moment.  Really there is no need to, since while I do want to “run” the site the available capacity it will provide will exceed my needs, at least for the foreseeable future.

So the thought occurred to me to “sublet” the additional capacity as a way to cover the co-location costs.  Nothing new here, running multiple sites on the same box has been de-rigor for many years and serves millions of websites just fine.  What is different is that finding OS X Server hosting is difficult and expensive, so if you have a need (or desire) to host your site on a Mac, even a shared one, you’re going to pay for it.

What I’m offering is Mac OSX Server website hosting at a reasonable rate to a small group of reasonable folks.  I’m looking to find ten individuals who would be happy with a virtual webserver and FTP access for about $10.00 a month (I’m willing to discuss other services as long as they don’t have a negative impact on they rest of the system, introduce security risks or otherwise give me a headache).  Bandwidth will be 200GB/month shared, and if we go over the biggest hog pays the overage fees.

Payments will be made via PayPal (unless you have a better idea) and can be monthly or in bulk.  Unpaid accounts go back “on the block” for the next available bidder.

For my part I’ll provide system administration and a “sane” level of technical support (via email typically) as well as the up-front investment of getting the site off the ground.

What I’m attempting to do is setup a flexible, affordable shared environment for people who want to do interesting things without allot of rules and complexity (think Hostel not Hotel).  This should keep costs low and creativity high.

There are currently eight (8) slots/shares remaining; if you are interested or have questions leave a comment here or contact me directly via email (jason dot gullickson at gmail dot com).

*technically, “skylab” was composed of a number of servers, a ProLiant 200 IIS server as the primary web/app server, a Macintosh SE/30 mail/smtp server and a Beowulf cluster of between 5 and 20 HP Vectra’s.