Red Ink
As you’re probably aware there is a bit of a “racket” in the inkjet printer market.  The cost of consumables is such that replacing the ink in a printer often costs more than the printer itself, and this is compounded by the partially-filled “starter” cartridges several manufacturers provide with new printers.  The issue has risen above the radar of the technorati as evidenced by this story on NPR:
If the ink for these printers is truly expensive to manufacture, there are alternatives.  For example the laser printer, once much more expensive than inkjet, but now in light of the operating costs of inkjet printers certainly price isn’t a deciding factor.  Are there roles filled by the inkjet that cannot be filled by other printing methods?

In any event this has gone on long enough and I’m surprised that a competitor has not come along to eat into this market.  I have a few theories myself but I’d love to hear what you think, and also if you know of any alternatives that might render this point moot.