I decided that working on the Supah Computah (I was finally able to decipher the name written on the side) is going to be my reward for releasing my next iPhone app.  So, until I get it submitted, I’m going to have to ignore the SC project.

So the app, yes, it’s coming along well and I’m learning a lot about memory management and debugging using crash logs.  This is the first app I’ve written that’s had to store more than just configuration options so I’m learning a lot about object persistence, storage, lazy-loading, etc.  It’s all very cool stuff and I’m learning just how lazy working in a managed language (mostly C#) has made me about memory management!

I’m planning on having a beta version of the app ready by the end of this month (April) and if all goes well submitting the app two weeks later.  If all does not go well, then it’s going to be longer obviously…

This is the first application I’ve written for a “general audience” so it will be interesting to see how it performs in regard to sales on the App Store, how much promotion will be required/effective and what sort of ratings and response it will gather.

I’m also engaging my friend Tiffany to design an icon for me this time (as opposed to designing my own as with previous applications) so I am excited to see what she comes up with.