Two things on Kindle:

1.  Why does a reader have a keyboard?
2.  The text-to-speech issue is fascinating

If Kindle was Classics in hardware but on a big, beautiful screen I would recommend it to my friends.  As it is, no*.

The Kindle is not the first device to offer text-to-speech of copyrighted material (stop laughing).  Why The Guild chose to go after it instead of every other device seems obvious to me, but I’ll reserve judgment until I learn more about all parties involved.

My first experience with text-to-speech

My first experience with text-to-speech

What I’ll say (here) for the moment is that it is going to be interesting to watch this play out and once I know as much as there is to know, I will do what I can to influence the way this snowball rolls.

*As of now I haven’t used either Kindle device, but I can say definitively that, in its current form, it can’t be what I love about Classics.  That is why, for me, it’s an inferior solution.  It’s entirely possible that once I handle one my opinion will change.