It seems like a year ago, but I’m sure it was less.  Matt mentioned to me the idea of a Guitar Jar.  Simple enough, just a change jar but with a goal.  I loved the idea and started one immediately.

Around Festivus, I had some gift money and decided to cash in the jar as it was becoming quite full; to my surprise there was more than $70.00 accumulated in there!  This paid for most of the Crate V5 amp I picked up awhile back.

The beauty of the jar is this:  I don’t need a new guitar, and I didn’t need a new amp, so it’s hard to spend money that could be allocated to more justifiable things on them.  I do, however, want, no, desire these things, so the guitar jar provides a way to placate that desire, moving them from the “never” category to the “eventually” one.

Something profound changes when you move your desires from the former to the latter; hope springs from this and that hope is a powerful fuel to get you through the things you have to do and on to the things you want to do.  It’s funny how something as simple as an old coffee can can change your life, if you apply the guitar jar philosophy to your more ambitious goals.

…like becoming a filmmaker, or an independent software developer, or a motorcycle mechanic.

Now that my guitar jar has been emptied I need a new target for it to fixate on and I believe I’ve found it in the new ESP LTD EX-400.  I’ve wanted an ESP ever since I first laid eyes (and fingers) on one but always considered them out of reach.  I don’t know all the history behind it, but with the LTD line there is finally something that fall within guitar jar range, without giving up the characteristics that make it the descendant of the legendary ESP guitars.

ESP LTD EX-401 (black)

ESP LTD EX-401 (black)

I just started plunking change back in the jar a week or so ago, and based on even the impressive accumulation rate from before, these guitars will no longer be new by the time I’m ready to pick one up, which is good, maybe I’ll get a price break eh?

…I’m also on the hunt for an affordable (under $40) used Boss Metal Zone, if you happen to have one…