9:41PM – Firing up Xcode

9:56 – First build, fails

9:58 – Second build, fails

10:03 – Third build, fails

10:08 – Fourth build, success! (needed to add the audiotoolbox framework)

10:10 – Build and Run on device, runs but doesn’t work

10:25 – Runs and “works”, but update is too fast and sound is too long, I have to reboot the phone to make the hurting stop

10:33 – Shorter sound

10:38 – Tuning accelerometer sensitivity

10:42 – Sensitivity and interval are good, sound might need work but is good enough. Time to make it look like something

11:00 – We have a main screen and an icon, now for the flip side copy

11:09 – Not too bad, it took a little longer than I had expected but I had to screw around with the audio bits longer than I thought it would take.