Matt and I are shooting a new short on Sunday (we decided this yesterday).  We really should be shooting interviews for The Yet Untitled Cafe Racer Movie but we’re both itching to do something that’s more fun to shoot, and it’s been something like a year since we’ve shot anything other than documentary footage so I think we’re justified in taking a break.

…anyway, we can’t “finish” the motorcycle movie until spring, so it won’t impact our schedule…

Thinking about this shoot made me think about The Reserves.  I don’t think I’ve ever written about that before so I’ll put that on my list for a future post.

On Thursday I’m doing an interview about DIY, Make Magazine and that sort of stuff, which should be fun.  I’m not exactly sure what this is all about but I read on the Make Blog that they were contacted by someone doing a story in the Madison area so I threw my hat in.  We’ve been trying to set this up for awhile but this time of year my schedule is impossible.  Hopefully nothing will change between now and then!

Tuesday (today) is Jamie’s birthday, so I’m making her dinner, wish me luck!